My Portfolio

These have been my most relevant projects, so far:

Ama y Sirve: bulletin in Spain of the Siervos de Jesús

Design and implementation of the website for this periodical publication, using WordPress, IssueM and other plugins. Responsive theme designed from scratch.

Navigate Oceania (via Toptal)

Since August 2015, I’ve been carrying out the role of part-time software developer, system manager and security advisor for Navigate Oceania, a tourism firm based in Auckland, New Zealand. Working for them, I’ve fixed problems in a multi-domain, multi-language site where the content should be replicated in all the sites. I’ve also fixed and secured a …

Reporting system for Canal de Isabel II

From 2015 to 2016, I worked in a new report generation system for Canal de Isabel II, the main public water supplier in Madrid, Spain. Back-end based on C#, ASP.NET, MVC Framework, nHibernate and Microsoft Excel. Front-end developed as a Single Page Application, using ReactJS and Bootstrap.

Nautilus: Web-based Operational Assistance System Main Designer and Developer of this modular web system that provides all needed features for supporting infrastructure operation and exploitation: event and incident management, fleet management, stock control, preventive and corrective maintenance, shift management and works management. Different modules can be installed based on the requirements of each project.

SIDERA Reports: web based reporting system for SICE’s ITS solution Main Designer and Developer of this web-based report system for SICE’s ITS solution. This solution provides several reports related to traffic management that are shown on the web or can be exported to Excel or PDF formats.

gnoMint: open source tool for the management of an X.509 Certification Authorit Project Leader and main Developer. gnoMint is a open-source tool for easily creating and managing certification authorities. It provides fancy visualization of all the pieces of information that pertain to a CA, such as x509 certificates, CSRs, and CRLs. gnoMint is currently capable of managing a CA that emits certificates that are able to …

Fundación MAIOR website Webpage for an NGO using WordPress, WooCommerce and several other plugins.

Kelly Doe Studio website

A website based on WordPress software. The website was mainly based on pictures of designs made by the studio. The base template was totally transformed, so the main page showed a very different grid-based layout for the main page.

Calculation Engine for Damdata: Dam Auscultation SCADA

Design and full implementation of a calculation engine programmed in Java for DamData: Ofiteco’s specialized dam auscultation SCADA. The formulas were expressed in a formula definition language that is defined formally through lexical and syntax grammar. These formulas are compiled to grammar-trees through compiler classes generated using ANTLR. The formulas are invoked by the SCADA …

Madrid Calle-30 Urban Tunnels Between 2006 and 2009, in the context of the construction of Madrid Calle-30 tunnels (a 47 km urban tunnel network) and the development of its control system, I was responsible for analyzing, designing, and developing the ventilation algorithms for activating and controlling the different fans and ventilation-related equipment in the tunnels, following the guidelines marked …

Employee portal for Hospital Clínico San Carlos (Madrid)

Developed on 2005, this system allows the employees to start different procedures (asking for a vacation, notifying changes in family situation, taxes…) that involve several steps of bureaucracy. In every step, the assigned group of people are notified about the pending actions, allowing them to interact with them from the application. Used technologies: PHP, FDF, …

Routing calculator for In the context of the development of an institutional website for the different museums in the province of Huesca (Spain), I developed a routeing engine for calculating optimal routes for visiting the different selected museums. Based on the traveller’s algorithm, the different routes were pre-calculated for ensuring a fast response to the user.